Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Pineapple - Sparks

All that talk of food in "The Last Meal" must have made me hungry. That, or just mindless word-association from purple watermelons to pineapples.

It does make a nice point about song-writing though - and perhaps especially about Sparks, or in this (fairly rare) case; about Russell Mael's solo writing. Well, less about them in particular, & more about how different lyrics can look on a page, compared to how they sound on record. I mean, yeah... it's a song about bloody pineapples - growing them in Hawaii, selling 'em tinned, the various benefits of umm tinned pineapple, and so-forth.

I spose I'm trying to say, that despite yesterday's brief ramble about simplicity in sound & music, you can occasionally find the most surprising complexity & subject matter in nice catchy pop songs; lyrics that make you wonder - quite what inspired someone to sit right down & write what they did?.

We may presume that all song lyrics are borne of some emotional expression, or the urge to recount a story, or events - but it ain't necessarily so; sometimes they're just random phrases from a notebook filled over time with scribblings that later, in the context of a favourite tune, seem profound & full of meaning. It doesn't matter, of course - you can take what you want from a song, poem, any work of 'art', and who cares if it was written for a bet, to a deadline, or has just has words/colours/motifs that went together nicely?.

mp3 removed - Pineapple is available on Indiscreet (1975)

Tropical air helps us harvest all year
And serves to promote the vitamin C content
In turn yielding greater demand

Pineapple: Got to send a case to the city jail
The warden likes it because it won't conceal
Any sort of handmade weapons
That are baked right into their buns
And the taste is delectable
But won't the prisoners hit the table and shout
Pineapple, pineapple, pineapple fulfills every need
Pineapple: shares are gonna divide
Pineapple: if in us you confide

Got a contract for all of the schools
They will use it for all of their meals
Sure, the kids will throw it real far
'Cause it ain't a milk chocolate bar
But you know it don't stain so bad
But won't the fling it at a friend and then shout
Pineapple: tastes too healthy to me
Pineapple: it's filled with vitamin C
Pineapple: fulfills every need
Pineapple: to all the ships at sea
Pineapple: for the English at tea
Pineapple: to the Siamese twins
Pineapple: to heal those who have sinned
Ship some to the Alpine skiing team
The coach won't have to worry 'bout the calories
Sure it ain't strudel (they're nice)
But it helps your balance on ice
Puts you back on the winning trail

But don't the players moan and groan and then shout:
Pineapple: we get it every old night
Pineapple: but we're winning all right
Pineapple fulfills every need
Pineapple: shares are gonna divide
Pineapple: if in us you confide
Pineapple fulfills every need
Pineapple: upward trends are forseen
Pineapple: so invest in Big P
Pineapple fulfills every need
Pineapple: and the tins can be used
Pineapple: for anything that you choose
Pineapple, pineapple

We'll jet you there, breathe the Hawaiian air
Where hula is life, and luaus are for the wife
So visit our factory soon

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