Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Other Animals - free album download

Do I like Experimental Nu-Jazz?, Well, do I? - I'd have thought not, although I find genre-labels often serve more to confuse than inform, the potential listener. I really do like Other Animals though, and whatever label you slap on their brand of instrumental 'rock' (doh!), the fact is - they're bloody good at it; weaving a wonderful series of patterns & textures, both simple & intricate,  muscular & subtle, over hugely articulate drumming. Sounds range from a near-wall of intelligent, electric guitar, to the most delicate & gentle interludes; and always an underlying rhythm - all this recorded "95% live". 

Other Animals are from Crystal Lake,, Illinois, and were born from Somme, whose EP - Weight, I greatly enjoyed, especially Massless.
They've gone from a duo to a four-piece lineup, adding an extra guitar, & bass to Kenny Preski's drums & Daniel Medina's guitar - in the form of Daniel's two brothers, Noah & Tomas.

Here's the first three of their seven-track, eponymous album - they're outrageously good to my ears; what the hell, I'll post some more tomorrow, because listening is way better than my clumsy descriptions.

Odin - Other Animals

That Water Tower Sound - Other Animals

Rumble Strips - Other Animals

There might be a vinyl release of the album, but you can get the whole thing as a great quality mp3 download.

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