Saturday, 21 February 2009

More from the Drawer : Linda Thorson (1968)

I found this in a charity (thrift - you guys) shop many years ago; not in '68 when it was released... I was far too young then.

Far as I can tell - it predates (just) Linda Thorson's first appearance in The Avengers, although later pressings did name-check Tara king, as you'd expect, and also came with sexier sleeve photos. The Philips release I have, does away with the orchestral intro on Here I Am that you'll hear below - and the song is way better for it, opening with a sultry-sounding "Here I Go, takin' it easy; takin' it s-low...".

It's a pretty enough piece of 60's pop, and can be had on CD, along with a few other tracks; a bit pricey, mind you. Buy

Here I Am - Linda Thorson

Better Than Losing You - Linda Thorson

I thought I'd dig out an Avengers pic for you - and in doing so, found that she'd been in the British soap - Emmerdale for a while in 2006-7; the thing you miss by not watching tv eh.

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