Tuesday, 3 February 2009

In Search of Novelty

I like finding music that's new to me, or just finding new things in general. It's a marvellous feeling when you hear a fine song, or see a really good film, for the first time; yet afterwards, that exact experience can never be recaptured. Much as I relish revisiting well loved tunes & movies, sometimes it'd be grand to discover them afresh. Indeed, I often feel a tinge of envy when introducing something wonderful to a friend (assuming they like it too, of course).

A desire for novelty I suppose, although musically, I've gone for long periods before now, with no inclination to find anything new, being quite happy to listen again & again to a very limited record, then CD, collection. On reflection, the constant searching seems more natural, albeit frustrating at times.

Find Yourself a Rainbow - Slade
Old, New, Borrowed & Blue (1973)

Search for Amazement - Everything, NOW!
Prequels and Parallels (2008)
it was a free digital download

Something to Write Home About - I am Robot and Proud
Uphill City (2008)
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New Beginnings - Love is All
A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night (2008)
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Restless - Langhorne Slim
Engine EP (2006)
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I think the above is much better than the album version from last year.
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