Thursday, 26 February 2009

Hafdis Huld - last night's gig + prize competition

What a marvellous gig last night for Hafdis Huld in Portsmouth - I've no idea why it wasn't better attended, but if you could've gone & didn't... you missed a lovely evening of music & laughter. Great sound, great backing band, great atmosphere, a thoroughly good evening out.

Hafdis opened with what will likely be the title track of her new album, due in the autumn - Synchronised Swimmers, and we got a few more previews of songs from it too. I can't remember the names of new ones now, but there was one about a human spider-man - Könguló, one about Vampires, and a lovely song about pound-shop perfume & English boys. It should be a smashing album.

Naturally, Hafdis played favourites from her first album, Dirty Paper Cup including the charming "Who Loves the Sun" (with Flying V ukulele backing), Diamonds on My Belly, Ski Jumper, & Tomoko.

Regrettably, I've nothing to share in the way of new songs from Synchronised Swimmers, but here's her lovely version of a super Sam Brown song.
Stop - Hafdis Huld
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Go see her if you get the opportunity - she's a great chatterbox between songs, genuinely charming, and very very funny; really highly recommended. Oh, and the "first album" is well worth buying; it's a truly nice thing to have.

Before the obligatory "I took my camera along" pics, I must mention the two support acts we saw - Becky Jerams and The B of the Bang, who were both excellent; I'll be looking out for more gigs from them.

Oh!... the competition, the prize?; well, as befits the status of this blog, it's hugely valuable, & unobtainable in the shops... a blue Hafdis Huld pin badge, that I had to give away my email address to get; but seriously(!), if you want it - email or comment & I'll pick the 'Big Winner' & post it on.

Yes! a Stylophone solo

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