Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Hafdis Huld - gig tonight

Woo hoo doodly doo - another night out later, to see Hafdis Huld play. She's from Iceland, so it's a small mercy (so far) not to have read any pr guff saying "Bjork for the 21st Century"... hmm, there's still time for such musical compartmentalism though - perhaps the local press will oblige?.

Seriously though, this should be good; hopefully The Cellars won't start to empty after the local support acts finish, which seemed to be the case at Polly Scattergood on Monday; Hafdis has played there before, & went down a storm, apparently.

Expect lovely, breathy, pop - if her 2006 album "Dirty Paper Cup" is anything to go by - and yeah, most likely a reprise of that Mercedes advert song - "Stop".

Who Loves The Sun - Hafdis Huld (Velvet Underground cover)

Ice Cream Is Nice - Hafdis Huld

both from Dirty Paper Cup (2006)
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More from Hafdis tomorrow, + my grumpy git gig report; I'll rustle up some more recent mp3's, with any luck.

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