Thursday, 12 February 2009

Guilty Pleasures from the 1970's : Black is Black - Belle Epoque

More disco greatness; from 1977 again, just like Baccara.

This time, it's a remake of a 1966 song by a Spanish band - Los Bravos, which reached #2 in the UK; coincidentally, the same position as Belle Epoque managed. The basis of countless football chants over the years, I won't let that association stop my enjoyment.

Evelyne Lenton & Albert Weyman are the only constants in Belle Epoque - and they're still going now - all the albums & newer remixes are available from the links below.
Black is Black - Belle Epoque
website | myspace | buy

Naturally, I won't leave you wondering what the original sounded like...
Black is Black - Los Bravos
1966 single

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