Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Finn Daniel - If I Got Good

Music's a bit like food, sometimes - simple, quality ingredients, nicely cooked & presented, regularly out-shine lavish, involved productions, supposedly fit for a king.

That's what sprang to mind when I heard the song below from the UK singer/songwriter Finn Daniel - it's a moving, beautiful tune; sung very simply, with just acoustic guitar & some understated strings; absolutely lovely, I've played it to bits.

If I Got Good - Finn Daniel

Fascinating then, to hear the same song with just the strings backing : it has a very different, tranquil, yet  melancholy feel, and is surely my favourite from the Settle EP.

If I Got Good (strings) - Finn Daniel

both from the "Settle" EP, which you can buy from iTunes or get the cd direct from Finn or CD Baby.

Settle EP : out on Stickman Records
If I Got Good
I Can't Tell If You're Joking
You Look Like You Mean It
Not All There
Cheer Up
If I Got Good (strings)
Not All There (strings)

Listen to more songs at Finn's myspace, and download several free ones from the Settle recording sessions at his website.

If I Got Good - lyrics

I head for yours and your ideas

I’ll want for more of yours I fear

If I could say myself in your words

I think I know how it would sound

If I got good at thinking forwards

I might not mind the falling down

Fought for your cause and your ideas

And for your applause, I try, I’m here

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