Thursday, 19 February 2009

Dolly Mixture - too sweet?

Happy memories - I had this single back in 1980 (still in a drawer somewhere) & it's sweet, sweet, sweet. Maybe too much so for the band - Debsey, Rachel, & Hester ?, since apparently they disowned this Chrysalis Records 7" because it pushed 'em as a teeny-girl group, rather than... well, rather than what they really were I spose; certainly their other singles are quite different in style. I don't think I'd describe the cover art as "almost paedophiliac" though - would you?.

Enough debate. Championed & sessioned by John Peel during 1979, and with a number of gigs on the punky/new wave scene - they got noticed enough for Chrysalis to take a punt with a double A-side single, and get Eric Faulkner of the Bay City Rollers, and Roger Bechirian in to produce it. Sure, it's over-cute girliness, from one perspective; and sure; it's not really the sound of "Dolly Mixture" - but hey-ho, I liked it then & still do.

Baby It's You - Dolly Mixture

New Look Baby - Dolly Mixture

The second A-side's best - all bouncy & wonderful; false 'lashes, plastic shoes, lipstick, new haircut..."Bet you never knew she could be groovy"; and that's an original Dolly Mixture song, produced by Roger Bechirian; whereas Baby It's You was a Burt Bacharach, Mack David, Barney Williams tune from 1961 - made famous by The Shirelles, The Beatles, Smith, Dave Berry, and The Carpenters... among others.

I'd love to say "go out & buy it...", but yer can't, see? - there was a CD release of various Dolly Mixture singles/album tracks in the nineties, but I dunno where to find it. Splendidly though, I've got more to share - so leave us a comment if you want some.

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