Monday, 16 February 2009

Country Life - swings & roundabouts

Petworth Park

Sometimes, it seems that big-city living has a lot going for it - when I see all the stuff going on that I'd like to get to : gigs, exhibitions, films & such. It's felt a lot like that lately - a lack of half-decent gigs I fancied, locally; and a lot I did fancy, bloody miles away.

There's advantages to living round here tho' - you're never far away from the countryside & all it contains, which I was reminded of while telling someone about the deer who pile into my Dad's garden & take great delight in eating his rose flowers.

Some years ago on a very narrow country lane, late at night; a friend & I (driving), came across some deer ambling around. All but one ducked into a field, but a silly one kept plodding along in front of the car, getting further & further from his pals - and would eventually have come upon a (relatively) busy road. Naturally, I wasn't gonna let that happen, but sitting in the stationary car for several minutes, achieved nothing - the little deer (dear) just stood there; so I got out & tried to chase it through a hedge, to safety.

Now, younger & fitter though I was; a deer could still easily outrun me (oh really?) - but he chose not to - keeping just a few steps ahead, so that I could actually touch him. After a huff & puffing couple of hundred yards, the rascal finally footed it through a hedgerow, & we could continue getting home.

I know all about Richmond Park (London) & the deer there; but occasionally, there's no substitute for the real thing.

The Country Life - The Bees (they're now called The Silver Seas)
High Society (2006)
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ha! posted this not so long ago - but it bears repeating.
I'm just a Country Girl - Anton Barbeau
Guladong (2004)
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This inquisitive one was just sitting in a field of corn
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