Monday, 9 February 2009

Charly Morris - I'm smitten again

I forget how I found Charly Morris on myspace, but I do remember being immediately taken with her voice, & the songs she writes. They both feel personal & involving; hopefully there are many more to come... It's likely, since Charly's been making music for over twelve years, & she's still only 24. 

These are all simply produced & engaging songs, with acoustic guitar backing; but shine brightly nonetheless. I could (& have done) listen repeatedly to them; enamoured indeed - you'd have a hard heart not to be with Charly's voice & the charming lyrics:  "...You've got a brand new girlfriend, nothing to worry about: she's straight from the packet. She even knows what cd's to choose, what shoes to wear, what not to do..."
That, (from Brand New girlfriend) looks simple on a page, but sung, it conveys more in a few lines than some manage in a whole song.

Marvellous, I say - have a listen yourself.

Brand New Girlfriend - Charly Morris

I Walked Out On My Lover - Charly Morris

Spy Glass - Charly Morris

The Storm - Charly Morris

Charly is involved with several other musical projects/bands - Chickedy and McGuffin, Colours Project, King and The Olive Fields and Le Tetsuo. I've not gotten around to listening much yet, but Le Tetsuo sounded great, and totally different from the solo songs above.

Charly Morris on myspace.

"The Storm" is available on CD - "Stop Sharpening Your Knives" - a 14 track compilation by various artists - You can buy it for just £5.

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