Thursday, 19 February 2009

Baby, It's You - The Shirelles + covers by Elvis Costello, The Carpenters, Smith, The Beatles, Dave Berry

Predictably, playing that Dolly Mixture cover of Baby It's You, sparked my interest in the original Shirelles version, & a few other covers. There's some crackers, I tell ya; & be sure to watch the Smith video below.

Baby It's You - The Shirelles
Baby It's You (1962)

Baby It's You - The Beatles
Please Please Me (1963) but this is from Live at the BBC (1994)

Baby It's You - Dave Berry
1964 single - here from The Very Best of Dave Berry

Baby It's You - The Carpenters
Close To You (1970)

Baby It's You - Smith
A Group Called Smith (1969) but here from the Death Proof soundtrack
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Baby It's You - Elvis Costello & Nick Lowe
Out of our Idiot (1987)

Baby It's You - Dolly Mixture

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