Friday, 20 February 2009

Attention Stockholm - Virna Lindt

Rifling through my record drawer (I know, no respect) in search of the Dolly Mixture single I posted yesterday, I spotted another familiar, & very pleasing, picture sleeve from 1981 - by Virna Lindt.

It's way better than a cheesy sleeve though; a playful, yet straight-faced romp through a secret-agenty world of spies, that removes the cold from Cold War... sort-of Bond, Palmer & John Drake combined, in alluring female form; working undercover (naturally), in the world of International Haute Couture, with secret devices in make-up bags, Iron Curtain-Calls - glamorous indeed. The music's not bad either; some great electric piano & reverby tremeloed guitar.

Splendidly billed as part of the Ready To Hear Collection on Compact

Attention Stockholm - Virna Lindt

Episode One Virna Lindt

In 1983, these two tracks were released on an album - Shiver - which you can buy or play hunt-the-download for. Also listen to a few more songs at a myspace tribute site. There was a 1985 release too - Play/Record - details & purchase here, or at

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