Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Whole Schebang

I ran into  the folk-pop(?) five-piece, Whole Schebang via the excellent & can't stop playing their music, particularly the recent Stranger Than The Weather EP, which you can hear the title track of below, and more at their myspace.

I'm finding it hard to describe what exactly is so engaging about them; it's partly the lyrics, like  "Every day I go to work, and drive the neighbours quite berserk with my rape alarm, turned up to ten. I'm a friendly kind of soul, but don't come near me, or I'll go on a killing spree, to Sainsburys, or just round the car park"; which is sung in such a happy, matter of fact, way.

Or it might be the charming vocal harmonies, or the flugelhorn & flute & accordion & strings... or the embracing inventiveness (which has me thinking of Camper van Beethoven, not that they sound at all similar), Of course, it's all those things, and I'm smitten - might have to make a trek to London to see these guys. Organ Art were right when they said it was infectious.

Stranger Than The Weather - Whole Schebang
Stranger Than The Weather EP (2008)
buy CD | iTunes

Here's a couple from Whole Schebang's previous releases, which are all available for free at

Millions of Animals - Whole Schebang
Will it grow back? EP
free download - there's a great song on this about a wrestler named Unfortunate, also a delightful tune about a stolen heart (hopefully) growing back.

Special Doorman - Whole Schebang
Supermalt EP
free download

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