Thursday, 29 January 2009

Up with the Lark - Blackberry Way by The Move

I woke extremely early today, a veritable jukebox playing in my head, perhaps because it was too soon for the dawn chorus to interrupt it. Some songs I knew, others were unknown & probably unwritten, save in my mind. Usually I can control the music, switching songs & mentally writing new ones that I'm never able to remember afterwards, but today I just had to let this internal ipod shuffle away randomly.

T'was all good stuff, tho' in common with many dreamlike states, I'm hard-pressed to recall any songs now; but after getting up, still before the birds, Blackberry Way was on repeat in my now mostly conscious playlist. Just word-association of course, but very welcome nonetheless.

Blackberry Way - The Move
single release (1968)
buy | The Move Online

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