Friday, 30 January 2009

An Unwelcome visitor?

This fine looking fellow pitched up in the back garden this morning. Understandably, most all the smaller birds made a quick exit, and he just sat there for five minutes or more, doubtless feeling hungry, cheated, and not tempted by the peanuts & seeds which attract his intended quarry.

After a while, a sparrow, unaware of his presence, flew in and was attacked at once, but managed to escape through some dense branches. Without such luck, the sparrow would have been unceremoniously & calmly eaten on some convenient perch nearby; it's happened before.

Hawks - Tigers Can Bite
Taking & Running Away EP (2008)
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Little Bird
If you know who sings this, please tell me - I picked it up somewhere in December, & it's not tagged.

Bird of Prey - Jim Morrison
An American Prayer (1995 remaster)

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