Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Two minutes Mr Smith?

image by Frank Roberts MacDonald

Feeling relatively rushed today, since I actually have to engage with the world by getting the car an MOT (fingers crossed) & hitting the giant (by uk standards) Walmart in Leigh Park; in which fine retail establishment, the long-lamented YY28's played, one wonderful day, as part of their 'Asda Tour'.

Leigh Park was allegedly the largest housing-estate in Europe for some time, and certainly had a share of the problems associated with giant social-housing areas - teachers were paid the same aggro-weighting as their counterparts in big-city bothersome schools; which is mildly odd when you look at the area physically; there's tons of trees & open space, even if the housing was a bit umm low-end. Maybe it was common elsewhere?, but it seemed out of time to find a pals house in the late 70's with no bathroom & a single outside bog. Tin baths in the kitchen - that's wartime stuff innit?.

Thankfully, this random rambling leads to a selection of splendid short songs - a quest for the ultimate circa two minute tune. Naturally restricted to those I already own & chosen with no particular intent, save that they're proper short songs; not blimmin album-filler. There's a certain (if not always intended) discipline in writing a brief, yet not curtailed song; something that sounds complete, yet leaves the listener wanting more. They may sometimes be due to a lack of inspiration or material, rather than a haiku-style diligence, but it's nice to imagine there are people out there devoted to crafting calculatedly concise canciones.

Surrender - Elvis Presley
originally a 1961 single

We all Have our own Shoes - Ride Your Bike
Bad News from the Bar (2007)
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Our Trip - The Thermals
Fuckin A (2004)
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Atlantic - Anagram
The Lights Went Up (2006)
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OK, they'll do for now - lots more to come no doubt.

The title of this post fits the image very well, although it actually refers to the wonderful Viv Stanshall, and his 'Look at me I'm Wonderful' which I'll have to rip from an lp sometime, since I can't find an mp3 today.
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