Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Songs about Morrissey

 Steven Patrick Morrissey's ninth studio album - 'Years of Refusal' leaked recently, some six weeks before the official release date. It's too early to judge the audio based on rather fizzy-sounding versions doing the rounds, but there are surely some excellent songs... 'All you need is me' stands out, along with 'When last I spoke to Carol' . No tracks from it here, tho' there are a few on elbows. Also stream the single - ' I'm Throwing my arms around Paris' at itsmorrisseysworld and myspace.

Here's a few songs about Morrissey... of course there are more; I couldn't find decent-sounding copies of the two that Sandie Shaw did.

Getting Away with It - Electronic
Getting Away with It (1989)

Miserablism - Pet Shop Boys
Behaviour (1990) - Japanese issue

Lighten up Morrissey - Sparks
Exotic Creatures of the Deep (2008)

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