Thursday, 15 January 2009

New Music from Sweden - Penny Century

Penny Century have got a few blogging ears waggling before now, but there's been a long wait for more music, unless you live in their native Sweden & got to see 'em in person. The last release was an album - 'Between A Hundred Lies' in 2007 on Letterbox Records (buy), which followed four ep's.

Very pleasing then, to find they've a raft of new songs to be streamed at their website and myspace. Seems there's a 5-track ep 'Valencia' out, although oddly it's only released in Thailand so far... I see they were scheduled to play a big rock festival there last year, so perhaps they've been plugging away at the Thai market? - I'll let you know when the band get back to me.

Lovely, catchy, melodic indie-pop; sweet & engaging vocals from Julia Hanberg... there's a lot to like. Why don't bands like this turn up round here? - all that's on tonight is a five-local-band metal gig - bah!.

Hear for yourself - the title-track of the Valencia EP, 'Hooks on a Line', also from the ep, and the single - 'Nothing Burns Like Bridges' from their album. Enjoy it all - I am.

Valencia - Penny Century

Hooks on a Line - Penny Century

Nothing Burns Like Bridges - Penny Century


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