Saturday, 10 January 2009

Mott the Hoople - Saturday Gigs

Putting things together for a bit of a series on songs that tell a story, or at least recollect events in some detail... I was always going to include this, one of my favourites, from Mott the Hoople. But hey, it is Saturday, and 'Saturday Gigs' deserves its own space. If you never heard it, and only associate the band with their good-time hits - give this a try.

The very last studio release before Ian Hunter left the band, and they became just 'Mott', 'Saturday Gigs' was the leader on a 1974 7" single with a medley of three other tracks - "Jerkin' Crocus", "Sucker" and "Violence". And what a way to bow out; the only subsequent 'Hunter/MTH' record was 'Mott the Hoople Live' from the same year.

Mott the Hoople & Ian Hunter at their most quiet & introspective; we're taken through five years - seemingly charting the highs & lows of being in MTH, all linked to the marvel of ordinary, Saturday night gigs, where a fantasy, a musical fairy-tale, could be had for twelve shillings. The song manages to be sad, reflective, funny and by the end, triumphant, in celebrating the appeal & pleasure for band & paying punters, of small'ish, local gigs. We need them too; even if a couple of quid is wide of the mark these days.

Saturday Gigs - Mott the Hoople

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