Monday, 12 January 2009

a message from Transylvania

So I get a message from Transylvania, saying how if I liked Muse, Radiohead, Placebo, The Killers, The Cure... then I'd surely enjoy the Romanian band Grimus. Well, in truth I care little for most of the above, although the Killers do a fine version of 'Ruby, don't take you love to town', and I loved the Cure back in '79, but not much since Seventeen Seconds, even if 4:13 Dream did rekindle something for me.

In all honesty then, it was just inquisitiveness combined with Transylvania that got me listening - and Grimus are rather good; their album - Panikon - is extremely well written, recording/production are near-as-dammit spot-on, and I have a feeling they'll get played a whole lot here.

Grimus represented Romania in the Global Battle of the Bands Challenge World Final (London - December '07), presumably they didn't win; but if they played as well as they do on Panikon, there must have been some seriously good competition, or deaf judges.

The first track here, In a Glimpse, could surely make the radio playlists? - It's a cracker; Insanity is also very very good.

In a Glimpse - Grimus

Addiction - Grimus

Backseat Driver - Grimus

Insanity - Grimus

Just Pray - Grimus

Stream the whole album in decent quality at, and make friends at their myspace.

Grab the whole album at Bolachas Gratis

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