Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Little Birds

Sitting indoors watching my fat grey cat, who is watching numerous fat pigeons, blackbirds, and assorted littler birds eating in the straggly winter garden. There's a pile of broken ice from daily clearing of the bird-baths, a carpet of peanut shells dropped by Jays & Jackdaws, and all the raisins have been eaten.

I love this song, got it a while back from I don't know where, it's got no info in the mp3. A delightful female voice, that I think I recognise, asks - " Little bird, sing to me like you used to ". Trouble is, I can't place the singer, googling the lyrics gave nothing... anyone know who this is?.

Little Bird
if you know who sings this - help me out?

Little Bird - The Weepies
Hideway (2008)
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Three Little Birds - The Postmarks
By the Numbers (2008)
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