Sunday, 11 January 2009

Johanna Samuels - free debut album

Johanna Samuels, a talented singer/songwriter, was first championed by Popsense back in November, with promises of an EP... this has grown into a ten-track album - A Little bit of Both - complete with excellent artwork by Johanna. Even better - is it's a free download - woo!.

I don't know much more about her than 1: She has a great voice & 2: can write a fine song... Popsense says she's from California, myspace says NYC.

I look forward to future releases; with some money/time spent on recording & production; Johanna could do great things. But hey, what do I want for free? -

It'll save me making inept comparisons to Feist or the wonderful Lex Land if you just listen yourself...

Breaking Up With You - Johanna Samuels

Close your Door - Johanna Samuels

Do it all Again - Johanna Samuels

Prisoners of the Parking Lot - Johanna Samuels

I want to write a Love Song - Johanna Samuels

Johanna at myspace | free album download

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