Thursday, 29 January 2009

I'm having a Neil Innes morning

I've been listening to Neil Innes' first solo album, also Lucky Planet by The World, a band he briefly formed after The Bonzo Dog Band. There's very good stuff on both, some of which I haven't heard before.

I'll likely post more sometime, since as far as I can see, neither one is currently available on CD, but this first one jumped out.

Feel No Shame - Neil Innes
How Sweet to be an Idiot (1973)

and speaking of shame... No, unusually for me, not a selection of songs on the subject (maybe later), but another Innes song. Actually, the title track of the same album - How Sweet to be an Idiot, which was doubtless accidentally plagiarised by Oasis in 1994, for their Whatever single. I presume that the courts agreed with Neil Innes, since he's now credited as co-writer.

How Sweet to be an Idiot - Neil Innes (7" single version)
How Sweet to be an Idiot (1973)

Whatever - Oasis
Single release (1994)

If by chance you can't wait for more Neil Innes, or The World... there are a lot of free mp3's at the Neil Innes website, and more on the songblog

Neil Innes is most likely touring the USA this year.
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