Monday, 26 January 2009

Hello Sailor

One of the joys of internettiness for me, is being able to revisit, relatively quickly, old songs & bands that might suddenly pop into my head. One such last year was Sailor, who had a couple of biggish hits in 75/76 & slogged away w/o bothering the charts much for some years afterwards.

In fact, Sailor did reach #35 in the UK in 1977 with One Drink Too Many, but oddly, that song is missing from a 16 track 'Hits & B-sides' collection which I was nostalgic enough to download. I'm not sure that the rest of the material bears close scrutiny, although there's no denying the craft & catchiness of their big singles; and yep, they could actually produce the same sound live.

'Glass of Champagne' was used for a Marks n Sparks tv ad in late 2006, and for a few days in Summer the same year, there was a stage musical celebrating the band & their songs; along with a plot, of course.

But were they any good? - hear for yourself; doesn't Georg Kajanus sound a lot like Bryan Ferry on Glass of Champagne? (esp. Let's Stick Together) - well, I think so.

Traffic Jam - Sailor

A Glass of Champagne - Sailor

Girls Girls Girls - Sailor

Let's Stick Together - Bryan Ferry
Let's Stick Together (1976)

Sailor : website | fansite | buy

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