Monday, 5 January 2009

A Gift from South of the Border

For some reason I hang around a fair few blogs written in Spanish, which might not sound odd, except I understand barely a word - "only here for the music". This often leads to South America, hence my err raving about The Raves a couple of weeks ago.

So today I run over to the Argentine Stay Free , and they've put together a compilation of 29 carefully chosen songs by bands from South of the Border, even if only one is down Mexico way. Anyhow, 'My Generation' contains some marvellous sounds, all free, released under a CC license.

These are my picks... such fine music crosses geographical, political, & language barriers. There's a ton of other good tracks - you can stream/download 'em individually or as a zip here. An excellent start to a cold and snowy (wooo!) day here in England.

all mp3 links are to the tracks on The Internet Archive, and thanks to Stay Free for putting it together.

First off, a Who cover (with a bit of Kinks thrown in)
My Generation - Jardín Eléctrico
check out a charming electro-poppy version of the Beatles' Day Tripper on their myspace

a near-instrumental, so no language issues for me - this is sooo damn fine
Mod - normA

some great indie-rock from Argentina, quite poppy at first, then it gets a much harder feel, by the end it's not so indie at all
Bluday - Morbid Dick

plenty of whistling, handclaps, great female singer... I don't understand a word, and I don't care at all
Receta - Monstruito

 this is really, really good; lost for words I am, as usual - great violin n brass on some funky electro-pop with lovely vocals
Soy jodida - Enviada

lovely, intelligent & surprising this - mixing folk, even classical music with electro-pop, lo-fi sounds and ace vocals. Ripe for a dance mix.
Accidentes - Pol

these guys are from Spain - they've been producing short, irreverent punk songs with a sense of humour for over ten years - got very good at it I'd say
Ni terrror ni ostias - Los Jacabos

Peru now, and all in English - ska-influenced indie with great dark lyrics. Sounds like the cult-hit you somehow missed in the early 80's - I love it.
Terrorize You Disco Flor - Turbopótamos

if Motorhead joined the Stooges & NY Dolls...? - Wondrous, this is
Give 'til it Hurts - Motosierra

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