Monday, 19 January 2009

Frustration ! (Purple Hearts)

Buggering about last night & this morning with a view to ripping some vinyl - in particular a marvellous version of I Put a Spell on You by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, with Keith Richards on guitar... more of that later, when I've deciphered the outlandish lyrics.

The record deck weighs a bloody ton, and there's no longer space for it permanently in the living room, nor anywhere to put it near the hi-fi amp; so last night I tried it direct into the iMac - too quiet by far, it needs a decent pre-amp. Cut to this morning, and balance the thing on a kitchen stool close to the amp, re-jig all the leads to geta signal back to the computer... seems ok & then bah! the turntable stops going round. Fuse is ok, ahh, the belt's come off (& did so a few more times). Cue lotsa trips back n forth cueing up, pressing buttons, cleaning & generally far too much arseiness for my liking; most aggravated I was.

Anyway, Frustration by Purple Hearts came to mind; partly for obvious reasons, but also cuz it has a cool picture sleeve & I have the Fiction single in a neat pile with every other early Fiction release (sad eh - only bought 'em b/c it was The Cure's label, but grew to like every last one).

Soo, after ripping the Jalacy Hawkins track, and a 1980 single I played bass on (which John Peel played several times - woo!); I thought I'd post about the aggro & include Frustration... which I couldn't find short of a big torrent, or paying for it (heaven forbid!); so I dug out the single & set about recording - of course, the belt came off yet again - Humbug!.

Frustration - Purple Hearts (excuse the crackles)
Frustration/Extraordinary Sensations (Fiction Records - Fics 007 - 1979)

But wait , there's more! - being a lazy sod** I spied for an mp3 to save myself the turntable hassle; no joy, but I did see that Mark @ RockSelllout had recently interviewed the band, who are getting back together after what, twenty six years?, in what might be the vanguard of the err revival of the mod-revival. Purple Hearts were excellent, so here's two more gems from them.

Jimmy - Purple Hearts

Millions like Us - Purple Hearts

Purple Hearts @myspace | buy
** bonus track
Seventeen (Lazy Sod) - The Sex Pistols
Never Mind the Bollocks - Here's the Sex Pistols

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