Saturday, 17 January 2009

The Features & Voxtrot - two of my favourite songs

Two of my favourite songs of the last few years were just random grabs from blogs; I so enjoy just stumbling into something great - makes my day.

The first was 'Rise up in the Dirt' by Voxtrot, who've been fairly quiet since the release of their first full album 'Voxtrot' in Spring 2007. Seems they've taken a long break from writing/recording & will hopefully start again soon.
This has an intensity, a dark intelligence, not always so immediately noticeable in their other work - it is there, just doesn't hit me in the same way.

Rise up in the Dirt - Voxtrot
Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives EP (2006)
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Lyrically, I love it : "... when you wake up tomorrow my son, you'll be the father of something terrible; it will shine throughout your life... but it won't bury you, cos we know - Somewhere in the darkness, you will find love... You will feel young again, You will feel young."

also try two newer songs
Ghost - Voxtrot

Firecracker - Voxtrot
both from Voxtrot (2007)


The other song mentioned at the start of this ramble is by The Features; it first saw daylight on their Contrast EP in 2006, and was remixed slightly for inclusion on the Some Kind of Salvation album, last year.
Wooden Heart - The Features
Some Kind of Salvation (2008)

Out-bloody-standing!, although being a git, I prefer the one on Contrast w/o the added brass/sax - I could warm to it, mind you - reminds me of a Mike Leander / Glitter production.

Wooden Heart - The Features
Contrast EP (2006)

That trifling personal preference aside - Some Kind of Salvation is an excellent listen
GMF - The Features
Some Kind of Salvation (2008)

The FeaturesVoxtrot
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