Saturday, 24 January 2009

Everyday - Four Songs

For no reason beyond the fact that the title of Vetiver's song 'Everyday' (which is very nice) keeps jumping out from various websites, which makes me automatically think of the Slade song... I present several more with that title: some classic Buddy Holly, Hip Hop, & Glam Rock.

Everyday - Vetiver
Tight Knit (2009)
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Everyday - Slade
Old, New, Borrowed and Blue (1974)
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Everyday - Kottonmouth Kings
Hidden Stash (1999)
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Everyday - Buddy Holly
45 single (1957) - this mp3 is a bit crackly, allegedly from 'original master tapes'

Humdrum chair by Michiel van der Kley
Chosen Fruit -Apple Certified Specialist Support for your Mac