Friday, 9 January 2009

Bloody Adverts ? - Killola

Casting around for more musical gummy fish (drool), I checked Lito Music, whose musical tastes in posting seem consistently good, and found yet-another-band-I-never-heard-of - Killola.

Sure enough, the songs Lito linked to were very fine, in a mainstream'ish intelligent, 80's girl-rock sort of way; so the offer of a free album was only too tempting. Naturally, it was an email sign-up, which is fine n dandy; although I did wonder what the word 'sponsored' next to each track meant. Turns out it meant every last song has an (after one or two) potentially irritating, if original, sometimes cute, amusing, & different each time... message from the band, mentioning their sponsors - Skull Candy - whoever they are: turns out they pitch mp3 players, headphones & such.

It's no different from tv shows, or even weather reports being 'sponsored' by some detergent company I guess; or a song being tainted forever by association with some huge ad campaign, and maybe being from England, which still has two television channels sans advertising, made it more of a surprise?, but I've never come across this sorta thing before, and found it quite strange. Needs Must & all that I s'pose, tho' I hope we don't end up with product placement on mp3's, as in the movies. I can imagine google thinking it a great wheeze to have targeted ad's preceding particular tunes (shudder).

Sooo, maybe condoms for the Undertones' Teenage Kicks?, fags & booze for most of the Oasis catalogue, but what would you tack onto Morrissey... anti-bloody-depressants?. Hell's Bells.

Strung Out on Sunshine - Killola

This is how the World Ends - Killola

You can't see me because I'm a Stalker - Killola

All the above posted with no permission at all, including that of Skull Candy, who I commend to you for all your headphones & mp3-watch(!) needs.

I will admit, that on second playing. I'd rather warmed to the ad's, knowing & funny, and with Lisa's cute voice.. they're ok.

Killola website & free album.

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