Thursday, 29 January 2009

Baby, I'm Crazy About You

I'd already planned to up this song, cuz I've loved it for years n years; then I Correct Myself... wrote about 'baby' & using the word affectionately; and I thought - well, here's a man using it about someone he cares for; but warning her about the future.

Baby, I'm crazy about you, Don't like the way you do
Always mistreatin' me, say that you love me too
Someday, you'll want me, and I'll be so far from you
Then you will be sorry babe, you do me like you do

I love the cheery backing & harmonica, quite at odds with the lyrics.
This is a 1935 recording by the State Street Boys, featuring Jazz Gillum on vocals & harmonica, with Big Bill Broonzy & Carl Martin on guitars; clearly someone's playing the piano, most likely Black Bob.

Crazy About You - State Street Boys

'Do' can mean so many things - it can be sexual or violent, another word for 'treat', or as splendidly uttered round here on occasion... "It fuckin' do's me it does".
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