Thursday, 8 January 2009

Au Revoir Simone & The Electric Light Orchestra

Those belles of Brooklyn - Heather, Erika and Annie, who make such charming music as Au Revoir Simone; have a new song out; a cover of ELO's 1981 - Here is the News.

It's just one of 89 new covers comprising Rewind 2, also in a handy list at Ohh! Crap

This particular one was rather quiet with some big pops n clicks, so I've cleaned it up somewhat.

Here is the News - Au Revoir Simone
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If, like me, you've forgotten the original... which is rather good - here's the Electric Light Orchestra for you.
Here is the News - Electric Light Orchestra
Time (1981)
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I used to love ELO as a kid, remember buying the sheet music for Wild West Hero, hoping to learn the guitar solo; it didn't help any, but not having an electric guitar may've hindered my progress. Still, I wasn't as gutted as when I spent my pocket-money on a Beatles cassette - I thought... returning home with 'Frank Pourcell meets the Beatles' led to a very unhappy Andy. Doh!

there's a great, and very, very 80's video for the ELO version on youtube...

and here's Au Revoir Simone being bookish - lovely.
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