Thursday, 1 January 2009

And Now it's Gone

I found the charms of Those Poor Bastards for the first time last year; can't say I care for the 'gothic country' tag that many apply to them, but I love their attitude & music.

Everything is Gone - Those Poor Bastards
from Hellfire Hymns-2007
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I guess you could associate the above with a year having passed,albeit not on an especially happy end-note; next is a more optimistic tune from an album I wore out on cassette. It makes a great laid back driving song, quietly happy, rejoicing in small observations.
I thoroughly recommend the album - it's a joy.

New Sensations - Lou Reed
from New Sensations-1984
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hmm, I've got an Ends & New Beginnings thing going now, can't help it. A great album cover though - right?.

The End is just a Dawn - The Underwater Sleeping Society
from The Dead Vegas-2006
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Finally then, a little nugget for Beatles fans - an alternate version of The End from Abbey Road
The End (take 7) - The Beatles

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