Monday, 19 January 2009

64revolt - not easy listening, just great

One of the many bands I ran into for the first time (musically speaking) last year was 64revolt, and late to the party as usual, I find I've been playing their Aim for the Flat Top album a lot; but turn away now if you're after some easy-listening for a Monday; I could easily have included some of them in yesterday's now how can you call that music? post.

I hate bloody labelling music (Can't Someone Else Do It? - thanks Homer) but the band seem to variously consider 'emselves digital hardcore or electro pop/punk; although I'd hesitate to use the former for the newer 2008 tracks I've heard.

About to write some guff about the band history & the fact they're from Sweden, & there's likely a new album this year... I find I can't be arsed - you'll find out more if you like 'em - right?. Personally I love their dark dance beats & (mostly) shouted yet intelligent vocals. Have a listen - this is an mp3 blog, after all. If you enjoy these, there's a ton of free to download tracks at
Hard to pick favourites, cuz it's all good; but these jumped out this morning - Adore Me is especially fine, but Neat Girl's bloody joyous too; If Carlsberg really ran clubs & disco's, they'd play 64revolt every night.

Moving Backwards - 64revolt
Aim for the Flat Top (2007)

Adore Me - 64revolt
Adore Me/Search & Destroy single (2008)

Garden Party - 64revolt

Neat Girl - 64revolt
Aim for the Flat Top (2007)

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