Monday, 22 December 2008

Wonderland, but not a Winter One

Straying from the holiday theme, and going way back to the late 60's... let's have some Shag.

Shag were a Milwaukee, then later California, band, known for their 1967 "Stop and Listen" 45, which was a pretty cool garage/fuzz number. By '69 they'd gone all psychedelic, as was the fashion eh, and got a flute on board (you don't find much flute in garage, do ya?). They recorded tracks for an album which was never released at the time; but later made it to vinyl and cd, entitled simply "Shag".

Listen to   ♫Mad Hatter   - after the sirens stop wailing it's a fine frenetic psych-rock track, still with the fuzz guitar from their singles. No flute though - shame eh.

Buy the CD at CDUniverse - 7 tracks & 30 mins of great music.

Lisa Mitchell was born in England, but an Australian native since the age of three. After reaching a wider audience via 'Australian Idol' in 2006 ( why don't the tv talent shows here in England produce anyone this good? Bah! ) she has produced a couple of ep's , and has an album due in 2009. Cuurently the voice & song of the Surf washing powder adverts in the UK ( Neopolitan Dreams, and yeah, it's good too ), I'm also rather fond of an earlier song from the Said One to the Other EP, which is available on iTunes.

Try   Alice in Wonderland   and see what you think; "...the tenderness of Laura Marling, the wordplay of Regina Spektor and the free spirit of Feist..." is a whole lot to live up to, but my goodness it's true.

myspace | Lisa Mitchell -uk site | Lisa

Lightbulbs was 2008's offering from Fujiya & Miyagi, who I'm happy to read are/were fans of the wonderful Kendo Nagasaki, a British masked wrestler who provided many happy hours of laughter & entertainment to me during wrestling bouts at Portsmouth Guildhall in the 90's, as well as on TV many years before.

Rook to Queen's Pawn Six              might not be the strongest track on an excellent album, but (sigh) I'm a slave to a theme, if nothing else. Hushed, near whispered vocals, to a gentle & smooth techno/krautrock backing... you could chill out nicely to this, but it bears proper listening too - I like it a lot.

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