Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Sweet Christmas Candy?

Not Christmassy & although varying in taste, really not at all sweet... these are the pre-festivities antidote to over-indulgence in sugary confections. Six candy-related songs, each quite different, each artist seeming to know exactly what they're doing, and be good at it.

From the measured,tuneful claustrophobia of El Perro Del Mar, the acoustic grit & strings of Little Teeth, the smooth yet manacing hip-hop of Candy Coated Killahz... there's a real depth & range here. Rafter are in for their lo-fi take on banjo based indie- folk, Tim Fite, simply because I so admire his ability, like Neil Innes, to produce songs in any genre that are the equal of those he seeks to comment on. I especially like the dark disco-noir from Glass Candy.

Play 'em - maybe you'll find something you like? - & remember, candy doesn't have to be sickly-sweet.

Japanese Candy by Little Teeth from Child Bearing Man
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Candy Sprinkles by Rafter from Sex Death Cassette

Give me Candy by Tim Fite from Ding Dong DITCH(2008)

CAndy by El Perro Del Mar from El Perro Del Mar (2006)
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I Can't Stop by Candy Coated Killahz
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Candy Castle by Glass Candy
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