Friday, 5 December 2008

See You Soon - Don't Give Up

See You Soon is a one woman project....
 My name is Sarah and this is my solo project (= hope you like it! I will have an EP coming out in November. It will have ALL the songs you hear on here plus 3 new ones!! Hopefully I can meet you at a show!!!

Sarah Beintker is See You Soon &  has a 7-track ep out now - Don't Give Up available from Amazon  or iTunes & if you're one of the first 25, an autographed CD digipak, from

Sarah has a super voice, and this 'acoustic power-pop' ep is well worth the five bucks... maybe the guitar's a bit busy for my taste, except on Fall in Love, which has to be the best track, I reckon.

1. Lights
2. Run Run Girl
3. Never Be the Same
4. Don't Give Up (
5. Fall In Love
6. Perfect
7. If You Want To

Don't Give Up is currently being used in an awareness campaign by the Tulare County Suicide Prevention Task Force (website) which is a pretty cool thing to support eh.
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