Saturday, 13 December 2008

The Secret History, The 1900's

I'm indebted again to LetMeLikeIt for featuring The Secret History a few days ago... they have a 6 track ep out on the rather fine Le Grand Magistery label - here's two tracks from it.

Our Lady Of Palermo (mp3) link removed by request
It's Not The End Of The World, Jonah (mp3)
Quite excellent; especially Jonah, which is today's gem for me. A band to watch for sure.
They've a gig in NYC on 19 December, which I wish I could make.
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The Secret History's singer, Lisa Ronson, reminds me of The 1900's, so a cuppla tracks from them now - one of my favourite bands. I must check out their new ep 'Medium High' which is released soon on Parasol.
Four free tracks from a Daytrotter Session - here
A Coming Age (mp3) from Plume Delivery
When I say Go (mp3) from Cold & Kind
Age of Metals (mp3) from Medium High

Winter Las(mp3) is a festive track, recorded early this month, on the totally free Christmas Party sampler from  Romantic Air

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