Sunday, 28 December 2008

Robots like Buses

I know, you just got over a robot song on Andrew Bird's Noble Beast album & here I am with three more (admittedly older ones). Typical eh, you wait for ages etc etc etc

These are good though, especially the one by Marizane I reckon...

Sad Foolish Robot -- Marizane buy
from the Stage One ep

Sad Robot -- Stars buy
from the Sad Robot ep

The Robot has got the Blues -- Worm is Green buy
from Automagic

woo hoo! - while finding the myspace page for Marizane, I see their long-promised album - Cosmosis - is finally available, just 8 years in the making...I hope it's worth the wait. There's also a different, slower version of the wonderful The Devil's Address on myspace, although I think I prefer the Tony Visconti produced track on Stage One, hey ho.

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