Saturday, 20 December 2008

Rave On

Ahh, the time I spend pootling around listening to all & sundry does pay off on occasions; at least on a listening-pleasure vs money-spent scale.

The Raves are from Brazil & despite the four guys being just 17/18 years old...produce some seriously enjoyable music. They have a CD out called "The Invisible Sights Of a Newplace" with twelve tracks of what's described as 'melodic folk-rock & power-pop' & it's bloody well excellent. Ignore the folk tag for the most part, this is more intelligent power-pop & happy indie-rock, sung in better English than I can muster most days & there's a nice bit of violin adorning some songs. Even better, you ain't gotta visit Brazil & risk being fined for drinking the water, since they've popped it on rapidshare for anyone to get - woo hoo!. Don't imagine it's worth what you pay for it...ok, it's 128K, but sound quality is perfectly fine; strewth!, I'd pay money for this.

So, Guilherme, Joaquim, Matheus and César.... thanks for brightening up a dull Saturday morning in England.

Caroline                   mp3
Hours to have Fun  mp3
Wait for Tomorrow  mp3
California Winter   mp3

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