Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Party Songs

With New Years Eve nearly upon us, likely there'll be many a party starting, so here's a small flood of party, if not necessarily Party!, songs, which float my boat & might do the same for yours.
There's (sorta) glam-rock from Hello, a cracker from Pink, who knocks out some rather good songs on occasion, the raucous(ish) Donnas, a Noel Coward cover, some great garage/punk from Japan, and well, just more really

As I hinted, these mightn't all be good tunes to play at your typical party - what would be?. I spose mine would have to include something by the ultimate good-time band - Slade , who before they stumbled into relative blandness & obscurity for a few years, produced hit after hit for the UK in the 70's (17 top-20 singles in six years), despite never really denting the US charts.
One (or more) from them at the end then eh.

Where's the Party? -- Hello buy

Get the Party Started -- Pink buy

Here for the Party -- The Donnas buy

Crash the Party -- OK Go    buy

1997(tonight we're gonna party like it's) -- Sleepytime Gorilla Museum   buy

Let's Have a Party -- The 5 6 7 8's buy

I Went to a Marvellous Party -- The Divine Comedy buy

Party -- El Perro Del Mar buy

Dirty Party -- Caspa Codina buy

Cum on feel the Noize -- Slade buy

Good Time Gals -- Slade buy

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