Thursday, 18 December 2008


Sometimes (well, a lot..) I just love noodling around on the web for music and especially the various places & songs that get discovered & connected in doing so. Occasionally, a particular artist, or label or something keeps cropping up everywhere I go reading, and one of those recently has been Joni Mitchell, whose songs and voice had for some reason never reached my ears beyond Big Yellow Taxi & Both Sides Now; and I didn't even know the latter was written by her until wiki helped me out a moment ago - what a dunce eh?.

And so the latest of many recent Joni moments was in seeing that Lex Land had released a cover of River, a Mitchell song from her 1971 album - Blue. It's a fine song, covered many times before... and one quite suited to Lex Land's heart-tugging voice, although the tone is quite different on River, compared to the Orange Days on Lemon Street album, less produced I guess - and that's not a criticism. The Jingle Bells hooks of the Joni version are almost absent here, and I reckon that's a good thing.

Lex has also posted what I take to be a song idea, or just a poem - which references the river that Joni wished she could skate away on; it's quite lovely & very sad - please read it.

River mp3 Lex Land

River mp3 Joni Mitchell (buy)

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