Monday, 8 December 2008

Marvellous Mix # 1

Feel Too Good The Move
Tonight You Belong To Me The Broadway Hush
Thin White Line Avengers
Rooster The Broadway Hush
Yours to Keep Teddybears Stockholm
The Unbearable Lightness Of A Farm Tractor Miss Violetta Beauregarde
I Am An Excellent Steel Horse Rock Plaza Central
Sing-Along Okay
Mr. Bojangles Sammy Davis Jr.
Then If I'm Weird I Want to Share Tender Forever
Young Folks (w/ Victoria Bergsman) Peter Bjorn & John
Lonesome Town Ricky Nelson
Do You Remember Walter? Kinks
The Windmills Of Your Mind Petula Clark
Snakes in the Grass The Essex Green
Kill Me Before i Kill You The December Sound
Mi bori sar Korani Kočani Orkestar
Little Red Radio Pas/Cal

A weird & hopefully wonderful collection, I chucked this together in late 2006 & listened to it so much, it became ingrained like a favourite album does...

you can download it from here - it's an 81MB zip of mp3's, numbered to play as above. Some detail of the songs/artists later on. If you enjoy it, let me know eh.

Feel too Good - is a long, long track (9:30) by The Move which was used on the Boogie Nights  movie soundtrack, being probably their first ever mass appeal to US audiences. 

Tonight you belong to Me - is the Broadway Hush (myspace) covering an old, old song, written by Billy Rose and Lee David in 1926 & originally recorded by Irving Kaufman.  Gene Austin recorded a very well-known version in 1927, which you can also listen to... (mp3).

Thin White Line is a masterpiece of punk by San Francisco band   The Avengers who started in 1977 and after splitting in '79 reformed in 2007 (myspace).  Singer Penelope Houston is selling CD's old & new on her website.

Yours to Keep by Teddybears Stockholm is the original version of the song (info).  See 'em at myspace and on the band website where you can also stream 'Punk Rocker' with Iggy Pop on vocals - woo!

The Unbearable Lightness of a Farm Tractor is maybe the most accessible track on 'Odi Profanum Vulgus et Arceo' (buy)  by Miss Violetta Beauregarde - wiki |  myspace - certainly not a mainstream taste, but this is just great I reckon.

I am an excellent Steel Horse is by Rock Plaza Central - wiki  |  myspace |  website from their originally self-released 'Are We not Horses' - an album all about umm, mechanical horses (review) .It's a fine song, very fine indeed.
Sing-Along by Okay (myspace) is from the album 'High Road'  (buy) and is such an addictive song, despite the love it or loathe it vocal style.

Mr Bojangles  - give this a listen, please (mp3) - it's a version I hadn't heard before and is just soo sublime; sounds like a live recording with a truly excellent big band; I could play it all day...

Then if I'm Weird I want to Share  by the lovely Tender Forever 
label  |  myspace|  Virb  |  youtube

Young Folks  is a great song for driving along to - the real highlight of 'Writers Block' (buy), the single was a bit of a hit in the UK & Canada, but only reached #110 in the US, although it made #22 in the alternative chart there.

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