Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Louis Renault was right

I potter about from here to there, then somewhere else, all off the back of some tune or other. Recently grabbed some really nice tracks by The Vichy Government which a Tart posted, including a delightful & moving rework (albeit tongue in cheek) of Stop the Cavalry. The Vichy Government have a fine sense of humour - check out Memo from Turner on their myspace, it's wonderful.

That lead to digging out "Stop the Revelry" from 2006, set to the same tune, but a rail against too much Christmas spirit, by a band called Shrag. A trip to their myspace revealed a whole lot of good songs, rather different to the novelty of revelry; quite dark-sounding, pop seems too light to describe it, maybe like a much punkier, electro Marine Girls for this century? - harder,more complex,better playing,great vocals. Love it.
They've an album out on wiaiwya, this review makes it sound very promising...I hope to see 'em live in Brighton come February.

The Exterminating Angel of Greek Street - The Vichy Government buy myspace ]

Stop the Cavalry - The Vichy Government

Stop the Revelry - Shrag [ buy myspace ]

Forty Five 45s - Shrag

Long Term Monster - Shrag
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