Saturday, 27 December 2008

Klaus & Kinski - Tu hoguera está ardiendo

A trawl through 2008 albums I never played yet gave up another gem today - Klaus & Kinski's "Tu hoguera está ardiendo", which was released in early November by Jabalina Musica.

Seemingly (thanks to the translation on the Jabalina site), put together out of demos recorded since they began in 2005, together with 2 new songs; it has the feel & sound quality of a proper studio album.

I'm very much taken by it, especially by singer Marina's lovely voice, but also by the writing & arrangements behind it. Imagine a younger, Spanish Astrud Gilberto, or perhaps Lætitia Sadier of Stereolab, meshed with varying styles, from say, the bouncier pop of Pulp to bits of the Beatles to fresh indie-pop & even some of what'd be termed shoegaze... well that covers just some of the 14 tracks. Don't imagine though, download some songs below, forget the fact that they're sung in Spanish, & just enjoy some really excellent & unique sounds. I don't think there's a weak track there, so it's hard to pick my favourites, but these jumped out this morning.

Nunca estás a la altura

La Mano de Santa Teresa de Jesús

En la cama

Crucifixión, la solución

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