Monday, 1 December 2008

Jill Tracy

Those kind people at Bolachas Gratis revealed an artist new to me - Jill Tracy post

The new album is called "The Bittersweet Constrain" (buy)

Electronic Musician said "Jill Tracy has won a devoted fan base and critical acclaim with her seductive noir-cabaret sound. "When you hear Jill Tracy's lush, sultry voice and experience the spooky melancholy of her lyrics, you're hooked... you can't escape the haunting and seductive powers of her macabre torch songs...." which sounds about right to me. Maybe some echoes of the marvellous Poe too, for my ears; which is a very good thing.

Haunted by the Thought of You - mp3 from 125 Records - more sample songs at their site including some good songs from Anton Barbeau, The Loud Family & more.

Jill Tracy on myspace and also

Haunted - mp3 by Poe from the album - Haunted (buy it)
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