Monday, 22 December 2008

If You're Bored - Spend Christmas Abroad

Tired of Christmas tunes? well maybe a foreign language might restore some mystery, magic & sparkle to the genre...
Eleven songs with a festive theme, all sung in languages other than English, mostly in French, & all, it must be said... featuring charming female singers. These are very fine indeed.Credit must go to the excellent Filles Sourires for making many of these known to me.

Noelle a Hawaii -- Isabelle Antena buy | iTunes

La Tête À L'envers -- Gillian Hills

Vive le Vent -- Ginette Reno

Wunder Gescheh'n -- Nena buy

Comptes de Noël -- Maud Lübeck

La lettre au Père-Noël -- Odile Closset & Manu Markou

Le 25 au carillon -- Mallory Hays

C'est Novembre -- Fredda Dastrevigne

Combien de Noël ? -- Tricot Machine

Entre Noël Et Le Jour De L'an -- Maryse Letarte recommended highly

D'ou viens-tu bergere -- Valéry Saint-Germain

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