Tuesday, 16 December 2008

I am Oak - Ols Songd

I am Oak is one man - Thijs Kuijken from the Netherlands & he has quite bowled me over this morning with an album entitled Ols Songd.

11 songs to be exact, and just 30 minutes long - it's well worth a listen if you like moving acoustic guitar & good song-writing.

Birches (mp3) speaks of "We sang hymns on the Holy ground..." both sombre and uplifting.

Pollen from the Plains (mp3) shows some excellent jazzy guitar & vocal harmonies, together with some really nice rhythms.

Honeycomb (mp3) begins with sparse guitar & vocals, all boats & salty breezes... "one day I will leave this shore, one day I will leave for sure" changing to a warmer feel as he sings of "sunshine like honeycomb". It feels like a journey with a sunny end.

Thijs has made the whole album available for free at bolachasgratis - although you can buy physical copies via his myspace.

Easily the equal of many well known artists, both in the quality of the songs & playing, and the production; it's a marvel.

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