Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Seeing how few people read this blog (aww), I dunno if it's a compliment or someone covering every last base, when I get sent a promo pack for a band. Very pleased I am though when it's something as enjoyable as Gladshot's Burn Up and Shine album.

 The Songs are varied (in a good way I mean); the likes of     ♫1961         ♫All I want is You    ,   ♫Straight from the Fridge      ♨Fabulous Friends    and the slower  feeling     ♫He Was Gone      recall the best of bands like the Essex Green, the 1900's, or the Secret History...marvellous, intelligent indie pop and some great harmonies, but there's some nice sorta jazzy touches, just a hint here & there on the above, which comes right to the forefront on other songs, such as  ♫Nobody's Looking . This is likely the influence of Debbie Andrews who does a lot more than provide the captivating female vocals... she has released two solo cd's and her song    ♫ Always an Angel    should surely have been a radio hit over here in the UK, it's quite delightful.

Produced by John Agnello who did sterling work with the Hold Steady & Jennifer O'Connor; the puzzle is how, since the release was in October, these guys aren't all over the music blogs?, I have to say I never heard a word 'til now, which is my loss, 'cos they're great. The CD is available from iTunes or direct from the Gladshot site  or Amazon.


All I want is You

Straight from the Fridge

He Was Gone

Fabulous Friends video (which is excellent)

Always an Angel by Debbie Andrews

Check out some other songs at Gladshot's myspace page.

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