Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Obscure Sound have their best of November mp3 compilation - all indie, all from err November & all good I say.

songs:illinois have an excellent & lengthy selection of festive mp3's, most of which I've never heard, which given I've a list of 200+ xmas songs to be turned into my own christmas mix, is pretty impressive - the songs are too - check it out

Gorilla vs Bear list their top -20 ( mostly indie ?) albums of 2008 - yeah with mp3 samples.

Brooklyn Vegan has 16 christmas-related mp3's and two from the lovely-sounding Nellie McKay
Nellie McKay - A Christmas Dirge - mp3
Nellie McKay - Take Me Away - mp3

Hits in the Car have a bunch of christmas mp3's too, some interesting ones I intend to listen to, even if ( as he says ) they're reposted from last year ( but so are Brooklyn Vegan's ). However I don't find it any the worse for it, it's certainly not the usual festive song-list.

LargeHearted Boy lists his fave albums of 2008 - with mp3 samples.... & a fine list it is - I recommend checking out Alina Simone

MBV reckons to bring together
Said the Gramophone, Fluxblog, Large Hearted Boy, Catbirdseat and Chromewaves - ie, five of the eldest, creakiest and most consistent musicblogs. All of our sites are syndicated there, but there will be additional content - including contributions from Matt LeMay. We're not entirely sure where MBV is headed, but we hope you'll head over there and help us turn it into a site for intelligent & passionate discussion.
. Sounds cool, they're good blogs, but the new site looks pretty clunky right now imo - fingers crossed eh.

Later on --- Haunted mp3's - a bit like the Crazy post below... ahh the anticipation.
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